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  • Single hung: The sash slides up. Uses balances to keep the sash up.
  • Double hung: Both top and bottom sashes operate. Uses balances on both top and bottom sash.
  • Horizontal: Slides sideways like a glass door. Slides on small rollers
  • Awning: Rolls out. An operator controls the harness to which vents are attached
  • Jalousie: Small slats roll out. Uses an operator. Glass slats attached to a harness.
  • Casement: Rolls out sideways. Uses an operator which is connected directly to track under the vent.
  • Double pane / insulated glass: An air sandwich created when two pieces of glass are sealed together with a spacer separating them.
  • DSB glass: Double strength glass is 1/8” thick
  • SSB: Single strength glass is 3/32” thick
  • Obscure glass: Used in bathroom windows for privacy.
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